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3:55 am, July 15, 2024


Itumeleng Innocentia Banda

Itumeleng Innocentia Banda, better known as Itumeleng Kgosi Gadi ya ga Banda, is a South African broadcaster and voice over artist from Alexandra Township who has a BA in Film and Television from the University of Johannesburg. It is evident from her attitude and unwavering passion for her work that she is a dynamic individual. In addition to being an individual who drives and promotes women in sport, she also uses her platform to provide other women in the industry with a voice and opportunities.

Itumeleng has always had a knack for performing, and she even went as far as envisioning herself as a YoTV presenter, which she did pursue. She didn’t give up, but her light remained on and she seized every opportunity that came her way, whether it was public speaking at school or MCing at an early age. She started out at Alex FM where it was a soft launch into building the passion on a realistic basis. That propelled her love for the spotlight even more. As a result, the light only grew brighter, starting with women’s football- a road less traveled, which she bravely took, and turning it into an African football platform.


In addition, Itumeleng mentions that, “I see myself as a broadcasting pioneer who stands in her element in a male dominated industry – and the journey is far from over, so don’t forget my name, it’ll be ringing in your household and on your screens.”


The biggest success factor that has helped and contributed to Itumeleng success is staying true to who she is and always taking risks. She mentions that it comes with understanding that there is a certain amount of patience that goes with it. As a general rule, when you improve upon yourself, you are improving your craft. Keep in mind that most instances are about you against yourself.

When Itumeleng switched from being an entertainment presenter to aligning herself with sports, she mentioned that that was the toughest decision she had to make. According to her, it was quite a transition, but if the journey she’s on proves otherwise, she’d say that it’s going work out.


As Itumeleng advises anyone with a dream, “if anything, I think we all know that life is short. Now more than ever, live with no regrets. We can get in our way and think “what if it doesn’t work out?” But what we should be thinking is “what if it DOES work out?”. So, take that leap forward, you’ll catch yourself at the finish line with your goals accomplished.”


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